First Session with a Psychologist?

First Session with a Psychologist?

Many people find it really hard to make and also attend that very first appointment with a psychologist. Most of the time they really don’t know what to expect. Whatever your reason for seeking help, you will be more at ease and get better results if you know what to expect.

Generally, when you make that first appointment you will be experiencing the below:

  • You will be asked to come in five to ten minutes early so you can complete some paperwork.
  • Post that, your psychologist will come out and meet you in the waiting room and will introduce her or himself to you.
  • Your psychologist will then take you through to the consulting room.
  • The psychologist will then discuss with you how confidentiality works.
  • Finally after that, the two of you will start talking about what it is that has brought you to counselling.

Note: The very first session is all about finding out what has been happening lately. The psychologist will ask guiding questions to ensure that he or she gets all the information that they need to put together a plan—a treatment plan—that will work best for you.

In your first session, the psychologist typically will ask certain questions about you and your life. This information helps him or her to make an initial assessment of your situation. The psychologist has to understand your surface problem(s) before he can get to the deeper issues. They will ask you a series of questions about your life such as:

  • What brings you here?
  • Have you ever seen a psychologist before?
  • What is the problem from your view point?
  • How does this problem typically make you feel?
  • What is your current family situation?
  • What will make the current situation better?
  • Overall how would you describe your mood? Etc.

Other than knowing the reason you sought for counselling session, the psychologist will attempt to find out if you’re suffering from other symptoms of your problem. For example, your problem might be causing difficulty at work.

The psychologist will use this information to better understand your problem. And, while he may make a diagnosis at the end of your first visit, it’s more likely that a diagnosis will take a few more sessions.

TIP 1: Don’t just be Quiet
Counselling session is a team effort. If you don’t take an active part in the session, you won’t find the counselling experience valuable. Here are some things you can do to make your first session as successful as possible.

TIP 2 Be prepared and we would appreciate it if you could come with written dot points about the current situation
Before you get to the session, know how to describe your situation and to describe your feelings about your problem. One way to prepare is to write down the reasons you’re seeking help. Read it out to yourself before session. This will help you describe the problem at the time of session. It would really help yourself understand the issue better and help us more.

TIP 3: Be open, real and honest
Psychologists are trained to ask the right questions, but they’re not mind readers. The psychologist can do their job more effectively if you answer the questions openly and honestly. A lot will be going through your head in the first session. Listen to your own reactions and feelings, and share them with the psychologist.

TIP 4: Ask questions
The more you understand the counselling experience or how counselling works, the more comfortable you’ll be. Ask questions about the counselling process, and ask the psychologist to repeat anything you don’t understand.

TIP 5: Be sure to go to your first session with realistic expectations
Counselling is not a quick fix for your problem, rather it is a process. With some effort on your part and a strong relationship with your Psychologist, it can be a successful experience towards resolving problems.

TIP 6: Sessions are always highly confidential
Relax and calm down as you will have space to speak out your true feelings and problem you are dealing with. At the end of the day be assured that the professional psychologists at Positive Perception Psychology always look forward to work with you to achieve your goals by providing a highly confidential and trustworthy surroundings.