About Us

Our Promise

Our focus lies in providing a warm and culturally sensitive therapeutic environment to make sure that our clients feel comfortable, safe, and listened to. When you are with us, you are in good hands. Our ability to understand, along with our experience and qualifications shall endeavour you to discover your true self. We always have two-way communication between us and your family, thereby embracing conversations and concerns.

As a part of our service delivery, you can expect experienced staff, evidence-based practice, personalised care and a family-centered approach. Our aim is to extend maximum support towards fulfilling your goals whilst keeping you connected to the community for a better life. We are all ears for everything you would want to share and make our association a successful one.

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Start a fresh new life aiming at a positive tomorrow

About Us

Positive Perceptions Psychology delivers a wide range of psychology and disability services, that aim at building a positive tomorrow. We work closely with people from diverse backgrounds, whilst offering them easy accessibility and a safe environment to help them unleash their potential and move forward to achieve their goals. With an extensive experience in supporting children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with intellectual disability, autism, dual diagnoses, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, domestic violence, work related, or other injuries and other clinical presentations, we have been successful in transforming lives for good.

We are a registered NDIS provider and our Principle Psychologist has acquired extensive experience in disability through working with the Department of Aging Disability and Homecare under the State Government. As a registered NDIS Provider, we provide necessary support to eligible Australians with disability. NDIS is introduced with a vision of helping eligible people get the required support to enhance their skills and make them more independent. With NDIS, the wide array of personalised services helps people with a disability achieve their unique goals and needs, that allows them to lead a happy life.

Therefore, as your THERAPIST AND YOUR NDIS provider, we allow you to avail our support services which will be personalised according to your choices and would cater to your goals efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to promoting a positive tomorrow. We work with you, for you and your family.


We always keep our clients information confidential, it is our Ethical responsibility and our duty of care. We assure you that all your sessions are confidential and all the information regarding the content of therapy is always protected.


We assure you to provide the best professional high quality services. Our aim is to deliver hassle free experience to all our clients.


We will never leave you in a difficult situation.

Leading Specialists

Our team of experienced, leading and professional psychologists have great academic background, private work experience and are kind and empathetic when it comes to listening and providing right treatments. We are experienced in working with children, adults, and couples. We work in a highly professional manner. If we are not the right service for you, we will be honest about this, and can help you to find a more appropriate service.

Careful Therapy

We can offer a wide range of treatments for psychological and disability services that troubles the modern world.

What makes us Different?

Your Feedback is Important for us

We give high value to the customer experience that’s why we encourage you to share your feedback with us. All your feedbacks will be kept highly confidential and will only be used to improve our services and your experience with us.

We encourage your feedback during the process of therapy so that we can ensure we are providing you with what you need.

Expertise in working with complex behaviours

Complex or challenging behaviours are behaviours of concern that cause significant distress or danger to the individual or others. Some examples include:

  • Violent/unsafe behaviours (e.g. head banging, biting, throwing objects)
  • Self-soothing behaviours (e.g. hand-flapping, sensory seeking behaviours)
  • Socially inappropriate behaviours (e.g. masturbation, being over affectionate)

All behaviour is a form of communication. As typically developing children, we develop our nonverbal communication (e.g. waving, pointing) as well as our verbal communication. We learn what behaviours are socially appropriate and which are not.

A child with difficulties with communication may exhibit ‘challenging’ behaviours. They use whatever behaviours they can to communicate and have difficulty identifying which behaviours are socially appropriate.

The child may be communicating through their behaviour:

  • That they don’t like something.
  • That there is too much sensory input and they are in discomfort or pain.
  • Feeling frustrated, confused, or anxious.
  • That they want your attention and engagement.

It can be incredibly frustrating as a parent when typical behavioural strategies aren’t successful with their children, or if their children’s behaviours are impacting on their wellbeing.

At Positive Perceptions Psychology our team of experienced psychologists can help by analysing a child’s particular behaviours in relation to their environment, timing and use. They also provide strategies and train parents to help support positive behaviours and reduce inappropriate behaviours.

Child and Adolescent experts

Child psychology is very different to adult psychology, and practitioners who do not appreciate this may treat a child like a miniature adult, rather than working at the child’s developmental level. Though there is no such guarantee with any service and that’s why it’s important to make sure the psychologist is the right fit before you commit to any services for your child. Which is why we schedule an initial parent-only consultation as the first step. This is your opportunity to meet the psychologist in person, discuss your concerns in detail and confirm it’s a good fit in a relaxed and convenient way, without any obligation to proceed with further appointments for your child. It is because for us your peace of mind matters.

When you bring your child to Positive Perceptions Psychology, you can be assured that you are seeing a practitioner who is highly skilled in engaging with children and getting to their level, rather than expecting them to engage in therapy in an adult manner.

Flexible Appointment Times

We offer Daytime and Afterhours appointments.

We are located in the centre of the Hills District – at Castle Hill, less than 10min walk from the station at Unit 1/251 old Northern Road Castle Hill with hassle free secured parking.

No Waiting Lists

We know that when you call a psychologist, you want help now, not weeks or months from now. We typically arrange appointments at the earliest possible, rather than placing you on a waiting list for months.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance

Medicare rebates can be processed at the time of each session. Initially, you need to pay the full session fee and the rebate is refunded immediately back to your account, which usually reflects within 24 hours.

Registered NDIS Provider

We know you need support at various stages during your NDIS Journey. At Positive Perceptions Psychology we believe that difficult situations are best dealt with experts by your side. That’s why we are available to support you and help you with any advice required during your NDIS approval and thereafter.